The Studio


Let the fun Begin 

Studio Zooz was born out of a lifetime of friendship, and years of common creative work . We wanted a dream job - so we have created one. We start our day with an espresso in the office, and end it sharing a pint with our mutual friends. We don’t have a routine - we tackle totally different challenges everyday, and find an outlet to our perpetually idea-bubbling minds.

We have created a video and stills one-stop shop. We provide our clients with full service from creative concept and development, all the way to production and post-production under one roof.

We are holistic in nature: we want to know all about you and your brand's identity and story - we want to know where you’re coming from and where you’re heading to - and create a bespoke solution that will fit you like, well, a bespoke suit.

We believe that work should always be fun and creative.

Come join us.